Personal history: major events

8.6.1859 MC born in Hodnet, Shropshire
1861? Moves to Farnborough, Warwickshire with her parents, Richard and Emily, and older brothers Tom and Regie. Essex Cholmondeley born.
1862 Richard Cholmondeley born
1863 Diana Cholmondeley born
1865 The family moves to Leaton, Shropshire
1868 Victoria Cholmondeley born
1869 Hester Cholmondeley born
1874 The family moves to Hodnet on Richard Cholmondeley's appointment as Rector
1885 Geoffrey’s Wife appears in The Graphic under the initials LR
1887 The Danvers Jewels serialised in Temple Bar on the advice of Anne Thackeray Ritchie
1889 Sir Charles Danvers serialised in Temple Bar
1892 Hester dies
1893 Diana Tempest serialised in Temple Bar
1895 Emily Cholmondeley dies. George Bentley (MC's publisher and mentor) dies
1896 Moves to London with father, Diana and Victoria
1897 A Devotee published
1899 Red Pottage published
1905 Prisoners begins serialisation in Lady's Realm
1907 Leases a house in Ufford, Suffolk and begins doing it up
1908 The Lowest Rung published
1910 Richard Cholmondeley (senior) dies
1911 A stage version of The Hand on the Latch appears briefly at the St James's theatre.
1913 Notwithstanding published

Reginald Cholmondeley (MC's nephew) killed in action

MC starts work in one of the 'huts' at Carlton House Terrace Hospital, writing to the relations of missing and wounded.
1918 Under One Roof published
Richard Cholmondeley (MC's brother) dies
1921 Romance of His Life and Other Romances published. MC suffers from cerebral thrombosis, leaving her partially paralysed
1922 Thomas Cholmondeley dies
15.7.1925 MC dies